4 Day Intensive

Join Us in Atlanta GA from Jan 28-31, 2024 For Our Next Live Workshop.

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Offering Next Generation Salon / Spa

Business & Leadership Education

Spend four amazing days with the 124Go team and go from stuck to an “I got this” confidence. Immerse yourself with a high-level group of likeminded salon/spa professionals in an interactive setting, where you’ll tackle everything from leadership and culture to growth strategies and profitability.


Learn to grow future leaders, and design career paths for your team.


Understand your financials so you’ll never feel caught off guard for payroll again.


Learn the thinking, systems, and strategies that increase sales and profits.


Over 75 years of combined salon & spa experience and unrivaled knowledge!
Brian Perdue 124Go - Salon / Spa Business & Leadership Education
Salon 124 Group

Brian Perdue

John Palmieri 124Go - Salon / Spa Business & Leadership Education
Salon 124 Group

John Palmieri

Jen Leblanc 124Go - Salon / Spa Business & Leadership Education
Salon Rootz and Endz Salon Studios

Jen LeBlanc

Chris Yeager 124Go - Salon / Spa Business & Leadership Education
Salon Yeager

Chris Yeager

Lindsey Young 124Go - Salon / Spa Business & Leadership Education
Luna Salon

Lindsey Young

Salon 124 Group

Brian Perdue

Founder @ Salon 124 Group

Brian Perdue was first introduced to the beauty industry in 1987 when he met his future wife Karen. Through her experiences, Brian quickly saw issues that seemed to plague the industry. The absence of leadership and clear career paths for stylists. Both fed a lack of professionalism and inconsistencies in the quality of service – that guests were demanding. After earning a Cosmetology License and training with a top salon in Atlanta, Brian and Karen traveled the US and Europe, seeking out the best in advanced education and an upscale salon franchise. Realizing an upscale franchise did not exist, Brian and Karen purchased the salon Karen was working with and opened the first Salon 124 in 1991. Since those humble beginnings, Brian has expanded the 124 reach to; six Salon 124 locations and the Keune Academy by 124 cosmetology school. Using a “hub and spoke” model, the renovated ranch-style home with four stylists has grown to a $10 million dollar business nestled in the suburban Atlanta market. Brian’s strategy is simple. Happy stylists create good business. By aligning key players that share his vision and empowering people with cutting-edge technology, Brian believes we all can truly influence this industry for the better.

Salon 124 Group

John Palmieri

Minister of Culture @ Salon 124 Group

A tireless beauty industry advocate, John Palmieri is the Director of Business and Leadership Development for the Salon 124 Group, a company of 6 salons and a cosmetology school. On any given day, John provides guidance to 140+ stylists and to salon leaders and managers growing their locations.


John is also a founding partner of 124GO, a Business and Leadership Education company focused on the Beauty Industry, and co-founder of the 124GO Podcast – Shop Talk.


John’s formal training includes life as a hairstylist and salon owner, becoming a Certified Strategies Coach, Certification as a 4-Mat Curriculum Designer, Pivot Point Mindful Teaching Pro Instructor, and training as a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Educator.

Salon Rootz and Endz Salon Studios

Jen LeBlanc

124GO Coach / COO Salon Rootz and Endz Salon Studios

Jen is a thirteen-year salon industry veteran who serves as the Operations Officer at both Salon Rootz and Endz Salon Studios, located in Medina, Ohio. Salon Rootz is an 11-time Salon Today Top 200 winner and a 10-time STAMP honoree.


Jen has a passion as well as an infectious drive, to help the salon industry with innovations for growth and profitability. Using her background in marketing, e-commerce, SEO, web creation, graphic design, and her heart for the salon industry – Jen looks to elevate others.


Jen is also a lifelong learner, a pursuit that has led her to join the 124Go Coaching and Consulting team. With 124Go, Jen has a greater opportunity to inspire and create strategies that will help you, your team, and your company achieve new milestones. Together, we get growing!

Salon Yeager

Chris Yeager

124GO Coach / Co-Owner Salon Yeager

Chris Yeager graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Psychology. In 2011 he joined a salon company as a manager and career coach. He quickly developed a love for the industry and for helping stylists grow both professionally and personally. This led him to complete multiple courses at salon business colleges so he could understand all of the intricacies of the world of beauty. In 2015 he opened a salon in partnership with his wife and together they have grown their company in an explosive way. Chris lives by the mantra, “We work to live, we don’t live to work”. In coaching his team, he works hard to foster a culture that supports that belief. He encourages his employees to spend time with the people that are important in their lives, doing the things they love! Chris is also a huge asset to the companies he coaches because not only does he teach how to lead with empathy and get great results, but he also understands the numbers and analytical side of the business.

Luna Salon

Lindsey Young

124GO Coach / Owner Luna Salon

Lindsey is a stylist of 21 years, an educator with Masters Of Balayage, and the owner of Luna Salon in Tallahassee, Florida. While her passion for hair remains strong, it’s her passion for the business that has become her focus. Lindsey started as a commission stylist in a small salon before entering into booth rental, where she grew for 14 years. Missing a true team environment and sense of community, she decided to go into salon ownership and Luna Salon was created. Within 2 years she stepped away from working behind the chair. This allowed her to be dedicated full-time to growing her team. The revenue at Luna has doubled each year they’ve been open and now she is doubling their space and number of stylists. Lindsey believes we should share our “secrets” and gets excited when she can pass on any knowledge that she has. Through coaching, she is helping salon owners and individual stylists on how to unlock their full potential and realize what is possible. Lindsey prides herself on her innovative and creative ideas on business structure and thinking outside of the box. The salon industry is ever-changing. Creating positive, new ideas is where she excels.

Stefanie Fox

Special Guest

Stefanie Fox from Talent Match

Talent Match is a beauty industry-focused team-building agency. In short, that means we help salon leaders in all areas of building teams: salon recruiting, leadership development, and team engagement. Our favorite way to start working with a salon is through recruiting because it’s the foundation for a healthy team, and we believe that is essential to your sustainable success as a salon owner.

The Program

Creating a Clear and Compelling Vision
  • Where are you going?
  • Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be?
  • What are the obstacles in the way, and how do you close the gap?
Brian on Leadership
  • What is true Servant Leadership?
  • Creating a Stylist Development Company
  • Internal Customer vs External Customer
Financial Literacy
  • Understanding your numbers
  • The “specialness” of Gift Cards
  • Understanding your Cash Flow – Creating a Plan
Brian on Leadership
  • Identifying Team Strengths
  • Career Pathing
  • Understanding personalities in the salon/spa
Key Sales Drivers and KPIs
  • What are the 5 Key Sales Drivers?
  • Breaking down the Drivers – What are KPIs?
  • Business numbers vs Money numbers
  • What is culture, exactly?
  • Discovering your Company’s Values.
  • Putting your values to work.
Working On Your Cash Flow
  • Projecting sales.
Salon Efficiency Metrics
  • How many “customers” live in your geographic area?
  • How many square feet can you support?
  • How many chairs for the best efficiency?
  • What marketing strategies are you implementing?
  • What has worked for your business?
Leadership and Communication
  • Different Leadership Styles
  • Managing Change
  • Everything depends on Communication
The Level System
  • The thinking behind a level System
  • How many Levels are enough?
  • What Metrics/KPIs do we track?
Coaching to the Level System
  • How to track your team’s progress
  • How to hold 1on1s
  • How to coach your team to G.R.O.W
Working on the Cash Flow
  • Variable Expenses (Cost of Goods)
The power of your Concierge Team
  • How to better utilize your staff
Creating a Plan of Action
  • How to get where you want to be
124Go - Salon / Spa Business & Leadership Education

The Venue


3344 Peachtree Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30326

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Keune Advanced Academy brings hands-on education to thousands of stylists from across North America each year. We are thrilled and grateful for Keune Advanced Academy to host our 4-Day Intensive.


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Marriott Courtyard Buckhead

3332 Peachtree Rd, NE
Atlanta, GA 30326

(404) 869-0818

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King Bed and Double Bed
$134 weekday (Sun -Thur)
$124 weekend (Fri-Sat)


AC Hotel Atlanta Buckhead

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Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Buckhead

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Success Stories

“My biggest struggle was going from being with my family and my friends in the salon when I purchased it to becoming a leader. Having this community of other people that are like-minded, it’s just really reassuring that we’re not alone.”

– Michael Vesely, Jordan A Salon

“I love to have opportunities to be around other owners and then learn about what other salons are doing, industry benchmarks, things like that. It’s not easy to find. If you’re frustrated, then there are tools that you don’t quite have or don’t have control of, and the 4 Day Intensive can help you find them!”

– Becca Stordahl, Robert Leonard Salon

“It’s been really great for us in creating more solid systems and how to communicate a little bit differently as well as lead a little bit differently. In our industry from a leadership perspective. It’s hard to find education. It’s hard to find things that will light our fire.”

– Katelyn Corrado, Salon Ish

  • Register Today

  • $2495/mo
  • Accommodates two attendees per company.

    $495 for each additional guest.

    Sponsored By

    Keune Loyalty Club Members can apply their Business Builder Funds to cover some or all of their tuition.