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The 124go 4 Day Intensive is the perfect program for salon owners and leaders. I learned how to properly look at my numbers and assess my strengths and weaknesses. I was given great information on culture to elevate my business to the next level. I walked away empowered. Any salon owner or leader would get more out of this 4 Day Intensive than attending a small breakout session at a show. It is a must to attend.

Mickey Bolek
Michael Anthony Salon

All my thanks go to you! I left on a cloud. It’s so easy to go ten steps forward and ten steps back every day, ho-hum. You and your team gave me a fresh perspective and now I feel I can do more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cheryl Brown
Salon on Maguire, Ocoee FL

My experience with 124Go coaching has been amazing! I’ve had 20 years of experience as a hairstylist and had been a partner in a salon before, but now I’m on my own with a commission salon and 10 employees. I was struggling with how to make the right decisions for my business and how to grow. I didn’t want to do it through trial and error, and with them, right there with me, I don’t have to. I’ve had experience with a coach before but nothing like this! With 124GO you have a team to work with, each specializing in different areas. I absolutely love it. They are always available to me no matter when I need advice or help. Their strategies are proven and it has helped me grow my salon immensely. I can’t say enough great things about this coaching team!!

Lindsey Young
Owner Luna Salon, Tallahassee FL

After completing a four-day intensive leadership training I decided to make a one-year commitment with private coaching to help me have a thriving business again. Every coaching session has made us stronger, more confident, and more excited about business again. Within a few months, we restructured our pay and level system. Without any hesitation from our team, I would like to add. We have already seen an increase in our paychecks! I would recommend this duo to anyone wanting to grow their business, large or small. These guys know what it takes to help you and your team grow. If you are on the fence and need more check out their podcast Shop Talk Podcast by 124go. This is a great resource to learn or get inspired.

Meghan Harrah
Owner Eyeful Beauty, Lowell MA

We absolutely loved having 124Go host our in-salon education class and it was so wonderful!!! Your staff was absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable! We all took so much away from that class that we are able to use it on an everyday basis. We can’t wait to have another class!! Thank you.

Skylar McBride
PURE Salon, Columbus GA