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Jen LeBlanc
124Go Jen LeBlanc

Jen LeBlanc

124GO Coach / COO Salon Rootz & Endz Salon Studios

Jen is a thirteen-year salon industry veteran who serves as the Operations Officer at both Salon Rootz and Endz Salon Studios, located in Medina, Ohio. Salon Rootz is an 11-time Salon Today Top 200 winner and a 10-time STAMP honoree.

Jen has a passion as well as an infectious drive, to help the salon industry with innovations for growth and profitability. Using her background in marketing, e-commerce, SEO, web creation, graphic design, and her heart for the salon industry - Jen looks to elevate others.

Jen is also a lifelong learner, a pursuit that has led her to join the 124Go Coaching and Consulting team. With 124Go, Jen has a greater opportunity to inspire and create strategies that will help you, your team, and your company achieve new milestones. Together, we get growing!