John Palmieri

Is there a difference between the vision you have for your business and actual reality? Do you have a real plan for growing in the next 1-to-3 years?
Are you looking for someone who can help make this dream a reality? Meet John Palmieri.

John views the beauty industry from many perspectives. He was initially a stylist and salon owner for over 20 years. John then successfully grew and sold his salon, while working as an Industry Coach and Consultant.

It was through this process that he discovered the power of business training, learned the importance of Developing a Growth Focused Mindset, and Implementing Systems for your business behind the chair.

John is a tireless beauty industry advocate, leadership trainer, corporate culture freak and a Moto Guzzi nut! Currently, the Director of Business and Leadership Development for Salon 124 Group, a company of 6 Salons 130 stylists and a Cosmetology School.