Change your mindset. Grow your business.


Chris Sulimay


Hey, hey, welcome! You did it. You took the step and you said, “hey, I’m going to sign up for this thing, even though I don’t know what it is we’re actually going to be doing. “

So before we get into the first session, I thought maybe it would be a little bit helpful for you to know a little bit more about myself, just in case we’re just getting to know each other now. So first of all, I’m a lifetime hairdresser, six of my family members actually own salons in and around the Pennsylvania area and I work with the Salon 124 group in Atlanta, which is an independent group of [00:00:30] six salons. On a daily basis., I work with over 130 hairdressers and I still to this day work behind the chair a couple of days a week myself, so very much still involved in the regular salon day to day life. So I’m here with you. I’ve also been an international business speaker and a technical director for Coon Hair Cosmetics as well as I’ve managed education for the brand called Living Proof. So I have a lot of experience both behind the chair as well as [00:01:00] coaching stylists to getting to the next level.

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Out of all the places I’ve ever traveled to and all of the hairdressers I’ve ever worked with, I commonly get asked the same exact questions all the time. You know, “how do I get more clients?” or “how do I keep clients?” “How do I get more referrals and how do I get people to send me more referrals?” Maybe now, “how do I use Instagram to get referrals?” “Why should I sell retail?” Or if you’re already hooked on that and that’s something you’re really interested in, “How do I sell more retail?” [00:01:30] And then one that I get asked often is “what do I do about pricing?” Like “how do I raise my prices? When do I raise my prices?” If you’re a salon owner, you might be asking that question as well, “how do I raise my staff’s pricing” and “when is it the right time to raise your price?” And so there’s some formulas and some systems we’re going to take on this journey that will help you get real clear answers for yourself as it relates to these topics.

But if you’re trying to get to the next level, [00:02:00] no matter what stage of your career you’re in, you have to do some changing. And here’s the reality of it. When I came out from behind the chair and sold my salon in Tampa and just decided to pursue education, I had to make some real changes in order to get a little more successful inside of that realm. So all of the things I was used to doing behind the chair, were really no longer valid as an educator or even as a technical director, I had to learn a whole new set of skills.

[00:02:30] Well, the same thing applies at your chair. If you want to get a bigger, better, stronger, faster clientele, then you have to become a bigger, better, stronger, faster hair stylist, whatever that means for you. So if you’re trying to grow a higher ticket or more multiple service clientele, then you’re going to have to develop some skills and mainly in the areas of communication, that help you to have a different outcome with the client you currently have [00:03:00] and start attracting a more sophisticated clientele. The same thing goes, maybe you’re really very busy right now and your goal is to actually shed some clients and get to a more higher ticket clientele with the same style of business you’re already doing. In this case, you’re also going to have to do some changing. You’re going to have to learn to communicate in a way and have some tough conversations sometimes with some clients who maybe aren’t expecting the fact that you’re [00:03:30]  going to be having a price increase soon.

So all of these things… So I wanted to share a story and I was really a very excited hairdresser, but about four to five years inside of my career, I realized that I needed to make some changes myself. That if I wanted my business to grow, there were some things that I was going to need to learn in order to make that happen. And so what ended up happening was I went to a seminar, you know, a class just like everybody else does in this industry. [00:04:00] And to be quite honest, it was very much by accident. And it was the first time I’d ever gone to a hair class where we didn’t bring combs, we didn’t bring scissors, we weren’t there to do hands on, we weren’t there to see models get done. We were really there to learn how to grow our businesses. So we brought pens and papers and an open mind. And as we sat there, I started to hear some ideas – at that time, it was for the first time- and a woman stepped up on stage and she shared that on [00:04:30] a very regular basis she was having 1000$ days behind the chair. You may already know somebody who’s doing this, you may be doing this. But at 22 years old, it was the first time I’d ever heard that that was even possible. So as you can imagine, my mind was kind of blown and I started to ask myself the question, what would I have to do in order to start to take some steps to maybe get a part of the way there? Because at the time, to tell you the truth, a really [00:05:00] big day for me behind the chair would have been a couple hundred bucks, right? I didn’t even know that $1,000 day existed.

So fast forward, coming home from that seminar and starting to take a few steps and learn a few different things and change my mindset a little bit at the chair, within 18 months, I started to have $600 days, and $800 days, and then eventually really not that long, I broke my first 1000$ day. And then after that, [00:05:30]  boy, I’ll tell you, it was off to the races. $1,000 day became very much a norm for me for the rest of my career in Tampa. And to this day I can tell you it’s a very easy goal for you to hit. You just have to know the right formula. So maybe for you that’s not the goal or maybe your goal is to double that or triple that. The reality is in order to hit whatever it is you’re trying to hit, if you’re not achieving it today, we’re going to have to learn some new skills.

So let’s go ahead and dive into [00:06:00]  our first lesson now. So the first thing we want to do is this: I want you to get a piece of paper or on your phone, wherever it is that you can take notes, I want you to pull out a pen, take some notes, and I want you to pause this video and I just want you to write down and I want you to write down three to five reasons why you decided to take this course and maybe three to five outcomes that you would like to happen as a result of taking [00:06:30] this course. Now, I know you’ve heard this before and I know you’ve done this before, and I know maybe this feels a little cliche, but listen, I want you to know if there’s one thing I learned leaving the salon, becoming a full time educator and then working in the corporate world and working for major brands, is one of the things that corporations have learned to do that independent hair stylists or independent salon owners do a terrible job at, it’s [00:07:00] goal set and plan. It’s just the truth. Now, if you’re watching this, maybe you’re a better goal setter and planner than other people because you’re taking part in this, and maybe that’s a part of your habit, but if this is new for you, I promise you, take out a piece of paper, write down, “Hey, look, here are the top three or five reasons why I feel like I need to take this course and I feel like I need to participate fully.” And then three to five things that you’d like to get out of it. I promise you


[00:07:30] if you do this now, it’ll help you get clarity. And as we’re going through the lessons, it’ll help you be more focused about the actions you’re going to take and about the lessons you’re going to experience and learn and the practice and the implementation that you’re going to use behind your chair.

So you can go ahead and pause this video. I want you to take out a piece of paper now and I want you to write down three to five reasons why you’re taking this course and three to five things you would like to happen. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

That’s great. [00:08:00] You’re back. So I’m assuming you went ahead and wrote down your three to five reasons why you’re taking this course as well as three to five maybe personal goals or specific goals that you have for yourself. So what I want you to do with those is I want you to keep those in a place where you get to see them on a very regular basis. Maybe they’re in your notes in your phone, or maybe you like to post them on a mirror. That’s the first thing I want you to do. And then the second thing I want you to do is I want you to go to our private Facebook page for [00:08:30] this course and I want you to-  and this is going to be a little risky for you-  shoot a one minute video just sharing what those reasons are and what your goals are for this course. So this is going to help you to do a couple of things: Number one, it’s going to help you to stay more accountable to it, but also it’s going to help us to cheer you on along the way. So again, I know we talked a little bit about taking risk right now and I’m stretching it a little bit, shooting the video. But I [00:09:00] really want you to take this on. I want you to go ahead and get those things down, make sure they’re in a place where you’ve got them, where you can see them. And now I want you to go to our private Facebook page and I want you to post just a one minute video on, “Hey, this is why I’m really taking this course and this is what I hope to get out of it.” So please go ahead and do that now. And then from there, we’re just going to go ahead and you can move right into the first lesson. So thank you guys so much for playing along so far. [00:09:30] I know you can do this. I can’t wait to see you in the next segment.