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Chris Sulimay


Hi there and welcome. Man, I’m so pumped that you decided to join this series of videos called Shop Talk. In this series of videos, what I’m going to be taking you through are the lessons and chapters in the book. Which are really broken down into three basic parts: The mindset and beliefs of successful hairdressers and in all honesty, most successful people. Then the lessons will start off in a series where we’ll talk a little bit about some of the things that hold us back [00:00:30]  mentally from going after what it is we’re trying to achieve in the salon or as a salon owner. So then from there we’ll move into the second section of the material in the book, which I’m now calling “Behave”, and behaviors is really what I mean. It’s those key skills that we need to get better at doing in the salon, time and time again each and every day like day in and day out to really grow a lifelong successful business behind the chair. And that’s really about, you know, how to get people to come back, that return clientele, [00:01:00] those referral business, like how to multiply our referral business both internally, like sitting in the chair as well as externally. I’ll get into a little bit of some of the strategies that I’m using that aren’t in the book that are working great for me to build a clientele, here in Atlanta.

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Some of you know this, but some of you might not. I’ve actually relocated myself different states and so I’m going through a lot of the stages and so a lot of what I’ll talk about will be a great reminder… It’s been a great reminder for me and it will, [00:01:30] I want you to just know I’m walking through this hand in hand with you. So we’ll talk about referrals. We’ll talk about reserving time, really getting, making sure that person comes back, some of the strategies that I use and just some of the lines, the verbiage, the scripting that I’ve trained myself to use over the years that works really well in getting people to make that second, third, fourth, fifth, and then lifetime, you know, become a lifetime client. That’s the part that I’m now calling out in the world, the People side of mastering your business.

When I can master those three skills, [00:02:00] I really have a handle on developing a clientele. So we’ll dive deep into that and then we’ll talk about what I’m now calling the “Performance” side of the business, which is those behaviors that we have to develop habits around and develop systems around in our chair, in order to upgrade our clients visits, as well as haircare. And for those of you who just, you know, don’t love to sell home hair care, don’t like to sell professional products, at your chair, listen, I know there’s a lot of people [00:02:30] out there are saying, “We don’t really need to do that and it doesn’t have anything to do with our success behind the chair.” I want to just say that that’s a bunch of nonsense. Don’t listen to that talk and if you’re one of those people who’s out there saying that, I want you to at least play along with me and listen up because here’s what I know from being a salon owner for 18 years and working inside of a major group of independent salons right now, is that retail is really one of the key skills. It’s going to A, help a Salon profit, which is very important if you’re working [00:03:00] inside of a salon. Trust me, you want to be inside of a profitable salon or B, even if you’re an independent stylist, selling more hair care can help you profit more inside of your own situation. So, you’re going to want to listen up to that.

So that’s the behaviors part and we’ll dive deep into a lot of the key strategies and skills that I’m even now using to this day behind the chair.

And then finally, the last portion of the book that we’re going to attack and the material that we’re going to attack is the “Become” part. [00:03:30] And here’s the deal. You’ve probably heard this from your personal business mentor. I know, I’ve heard it from my business mentors along the way, life mentors, is that one of the best things that happens when we start to develop new systems and new strategies as a professional is, is we become better behind the chair. We become more professional. And as we do, we get way better results along the way. I want you to be able to grow in your career [00:04:00] year after year for a lifetime, so that when you look back three, four, five years from now, you can say, “Wow, look how far I’ve come and there’s so much more that I want to do” rather than experiencing burnout like a lot of people. So again, thanks for joining this series of videos. Please watch along, participate in the activities that I’m going to set up for you. I promise I’ve done all this stuff myself to great benefit and I just know that if you [00:04:30] do this, you’re definitely going to grow in your business no matter what level you’re starting in. So thanks. I appreciate it and enjoy.